Artistic and Writing Component: For the artistic and writing component of this project, we invite all interested victim-survivors of gender based violence and sexual violence to submit artwork, literary (typed or handwritten) pieces and/or written testimony, which deals with or is related to your experiences with gender-based and/or sexual violence. We request that you please scan and email us electronic copies of your work and send them to us at: and that in the e-mail, include any identifying information, if any, that you would like us to publish alongside your work. We will publish your submissions on our social media pages and website.

Note about written testimonies: As of September 2018, we are currently partnering with The Invisible Tears Project, therefore any written testimonies we receive with your permission may be used as a part of their documentary film Shades of Red, which includes actors reading testimonies from survivors, as part of a film designed to raise awareness about sexual and gender based violence and the need for gender equality. For more information about this partnership, please email us at

Documentary Film Component: Another component of this project is a feature length documentary film in which we will be interviewing and providing victim-survivors of gender-based violence and sexual violence who wish to share their stories with us the opportunity to give testimony about their experiences. In order to participate in this film, you must be at least 18 years of age, speak English and/or Spanish, and be willing to talk about your experiences with gender based and/or sexual violence. If you are interested in participating in the film, please email us at for more information.

Self-made videos: For those interested in participating in our documentary film project but who do not want to be filmed in person, we invite you to create and send us a short video of yourself telling your story. We also ask that people participating in this part of the project be 18 or older. If you are interested in submitting these self-made videos to us, we request that you please email us at for more information. With your permission, we will publish your videos on our social media pages and website. 

Creative Commons License
Creative Commons License