D.C. Domestic Violence Resources


Asian/Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Resource Project (DVRP): DVRP is a non-hierarchical organization which is built upon mutual respect, shared responsibility, trust and equality, and is supported by a collaborative style of leadership. DVRP strives to foster collaboration with all people and communities to end various forms of oppression.

Phone: +1 (202) 833-2233, Hotline: +1 (202) 833-2233* Email: info@dvrp.org

AyudaAyuda's mission is to protect the rights of low-income immigrants in the DC metropolitan area. We are the region's leading provider of multilingual legal and social services for low-income immigrants in the areas of immigration, human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual assault.

DC/MD Office: 6925 B Willow Street NW, Washington, DC 20012 +1 (202) 387-4848

VA OFFICE: 2755 Hartland Road, Suite 100 Falls Church, VA 22043 +1 (703) 444-7009

Becky's Fund: Domestic Violence in our world has to come to a halt since 1 in 4 women are affected by domestic violence. We at Becky’s Fund are doing everything we possibly can to fight this issue and make many aware of its dangers to our world. Becky’s Fund offers Emergency Services and Support, assisting survivors through direct services, with finding an attorney, housing, job placement, mental health support, and childcare. +1 (724) 518-1169

Break the Cycle: Teen dating violence is an urgent, silent epidemic. One in three teens will experience abuse in a dating relationship and more than two-thirds of them will never report it to anyone. Break the Cycle believes everyone has the right to safe and healthy relationships. We are the leading, national nonprofit organization addressing teen dating violence. We work every day towards our mission to engage, educate and empower youth to build lives and communities free from domestic violence. +1 (202) 824-0707

D.C. Coalition Against Domestic Violence (DCCADV): DCCADV is the federally-recognized statewide coalition of domestic violence programs, organizations, and individuals organized to ensure the elimination of domestic violence in the District of Columbia.

D.C. Rape Crisis Center (DCRCC): DCRCC is the designated State Sexual Assault Coalition for the District of Columbia providing survivor-centered advocacy through therapeutic services, training, and technical assistance, community education, public policy initiatives as well as volunteer opportunities. More specifically:

  • Individual & group counseling (English and Spanish)

  • A 24-hour crisis hotline 202-333-RAPE (7273)

  • Community education & outreach

  • Training & technical assistance

  • Public policy & legislative Initiatives

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • Undergraduate and graduate internship opportunities

D.C. Survivors and Advocates for Empowerment (D.C. SAFE)SAFE's primary goal is to provide support for victims of domestic violence at the moment of crisis. SAFE utilizes an empowerment model of client-defined advocacy. SAFE clients are provided with information and access to legal and social services in order to facilitate their path to self-sufficiency. SAFE, Inc. provides crisis intervention and advocacy services to over 5,000 domestic violence victims each year in the DC Metro Area. Our mission is to ensure the safety and self-determination of domestic violence survivors in Washington, DC through emergency services, court advocacy, and system reform. Hotline: +1 866-962-5048

DC Volunteer Lawyers Project (DCVLP)The DC Volunteer Lawyers Project is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide high-quality, free legal services to low-income District of Columbia residents in family law cases.  Our volunteer lawyers provide pro bono legal representation to domestic violence survivors. +1 (202) 885-5542

District Alliance for Safe Housing (DASH): The mission of the District Alliance for Safe Housing, Inc. (DASH) is to ensure access to safe and sustainable refuge for victims of domestic violence through the development and management of safe housing and related services, while increasing the capacity of other community-based organizations to expand housing for victims throughout the District of Columbia. +1 (202) 462-3274. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 91730, Washington, DC 20090-1730

The Housing Resource Clinic: located at the West Baptist Presbyterian Church on 400 I St SW and takes place from 1:30 pm-3:30 pm every Wednesday.

Deaf Abused Women's Network (DAWN): Deaf Abused Women's Network (DAWN) envisions a diverse community whose members interact free of fear and violence in all aspects of their lives. In this community, each person has access to information and justice and the opportunity to embrace their own cultural values and world values. In the place of domestic violence (DV) and sexual violence (SV), we see equitable and healthy relationships that support everyone's pursuit of happiness. +1 (202) 559-5366

District of Columbia Crime Victims Compensation Program: The Crime Victims Compensation Program provides financial assistance and reimbursement to innocent victims of violent crime and their families with crime-related expenses. Compensable expenses include, but are not limited to, funeral and burial costs, medical and mental health expenses, lost wages, loss of support, crime scene clean up, and temporary emergency shelter and relocation. Crime Victims Compensation staff conduct interviews to determine needs, process claims, and provide referrals to other victim service agencies in the District. The Crime Victims Compensation Program is funded by fines and fees paid to the DC Courts.

Court Building A, 515 5th Street, NW, Room 109, Washington, DC 20001

Phone: +1 (202) 879-4216

Domestic Violence Legal Empowerment and Appeals Project (DV LEAP): DV LEAP provides a stronger voice for justice by fighting to overturn unjust trial court outcomes, advancing legal protections for victims of domestic violence and their children through expert appellate advocacy, training lawyers, psychologists and judges on best practices, and spearheading domestic violence litigation in the Supreme Court

House of Ruth: Every day at House of Ruth, more than 600 women and children work hard to learn the skills to live independently so they can eliminate homelessness and abuse from their lives. House of Ruth provides housing and services for 63 families and 109 single women; supportive services to 11 families housed in apartments throughout the city; developmental daycare to 76 children and supportive services for their parents; and free counseling for more than 400 women a year who are dealing with or recovering from domestic violence. +1 (202) 667-7001

La Clínica Del PuebloLa Clinica del Pueblo is a non-profit, federally qualified health center that serves the Latino and immigrant populations of the Washington, DC metro area. Our goal is to provide culturally appropriate health services, focusing on those most in need. +1 (202) 462-4788

Mary's CenterMary's Center, founded in 1988, is a Community Health Center that provides health care, family literacy, and social services to individuals whose needs too often go unmet by the public and private systems. Mary's Center uses a holistic, multi-pronged approach to help each participant access individualized services that set them on the path toward good health, stable families, and economic independence. The Center offers high-quality, professional care in a safe and trusting environment to residents from the entire DC metropolitan region, including individuals from over 100 countries, through 7 locations and 1 mobile unit (the Dental Cruiser). Mary's Center provides access to health care services regardless of participants' ability to pay. +1 (202) 313-1705.

Mary’s Center recognizes the prevalence of domestic violence in our communities and is committed to providing comprehensive support for all survivors in order to empower individuals and strengthen families. [We provide abuse screening, case management, and individual counseling, and education on understanding controlling behaviors and its effects on families, exercising one’s rights, and protection through safety plans.]

Mary's Center's Services to support victim-survivors of Domestic Violence include:

  • Screening: Medical and social services staff at our clinics screen all patients for domestic violence; patients with positive screens are referred to each clinic’s Family Support Worker for case management or to our integrated behavior health therapists for mental health services. We also accept direct referrals from individuals and other service providers.

  • Case Management: Mary’s Center domestic violence case management involves providing culturally-sensitive education on the different forms of abuse, the toxic cycles of violence, safety planning, and pathways to change. Case managers explain community resources available and refer survivors to support groups, mental health services, emergency shelters, crime victim’s compensation, legal resources, and other relevant services. Participants are also assisted in enrolling in public benefits for which they are eligible, including public insurance programs, housing, and nutritional support (SNAP and WIC). Family Support Workers monitor and assist participant progress towards their goals, and track the results of referrals to other Mary’s Center services and/or to partner organizations through electronic health records. [All educational information on domestic violence is presented in a culturally sensitive manner, in English or Spanish or in other languages through language line translation services.]

  • Safety Planning: Safety planning is used as a tool to prepare for emergency situations of violence at home, whether or not the victim has left the abusive relationship. It includes important hotline numbers and safety tips and involves brainstorming emergency contacts in different emergency scenarios. Our staff creates safety plans together with survivors on postcards or special scroll pens.

  • Legal Navigation: Mary’s Center supports survivors in understanding their rights in the complex legal processes involved when reporting domestic violence. We can connect a survivor to pro-bono legal services and courthouse advocates, and provide education on applying for protection orders, custody, divorce, and child support.

  • Shelter Placement: Mary’s Center maintains valuable professional connections to the limited shelters for domestic violence survivors in DC and Maryland, and works actively to place individuals as needed.

  • Community Outreach: Our program conducts outreach and training at various community centers to promote awareness on the prevalence and societal impacts of domestic violence, stimulate constructive conversation, and explain resources available. We provide resource guides, educational booklets, and safety plans for participants.

  • Coalitions and Advocacy: Mary’s Center is a member of the DC Coalition on Domestic Violence and the DC Coalition to End Sexual Violence, which promote advocacy across the District to collaborate and strengthen efforts to improve services for survivors. Our coalition memberships also allow our staff to access advanced training on specialized topics within domestic violence and continuously improve our knowledge of this complex social issue.

Mil MujeresMil Mujeres is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2007 to provide legal services and community education and empowerment to low-income Spanish speaking immigrants and their families in the United States. +1(202)-808-3311 2000 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 4100, Washington, DC 20009

My Sister's Place, Inc. (MSP)My Sister's Place, Inc. is the largest and oldest non-profit agency exclusively serving battered women and their children in the District of Columbia. Annually, thousands of victims of domestic violence find sanctuary from abuse in our residential programs and supportive services. Currently, our programs consist of emergency shelter, transitional housing, the region's only transitional housing for immigrant victims of violence, the Emergency Services Center, and our 24-hour crisis hotline. Combined with our community outreach and education initiatives, My Sister's Place is committed to providing safe refuge for families in crisis. +1 (202) 529-5261

Network for Victim Recovery DC (NVRDC): The NVRDC provides free, holistic, and comprehensive case management and legal services to victims of all types of crime regardless of income. Staff attorneys provide direct representation in civil protection order (CPO) cases and assistance with Title IX administrative proceedings for students at universities in Washington DC; in criminal court, they zealously defend victims’ rights throughout the entire criminal justice process. The NVRDC also runs the advocacy portion of DC’s Sexual Assault Forensic Nurse Examiner Program, supporting a coordinated community response for survivors, including hotline services, free transportation to and from the hospital, hospital advocacy, entry into therapeutic services, case management, and referrals to legal services.


Phone: +1 (202) 742-1727, Email: info@nvrdc.org

Survivors and Advocates for Empowerment (SAFE) Inc.: SAFE, Inc. provides crisis intervention and advocacy services to over 5,000 domestic violence victims each year in the DC Metro Area. Our mission is to ensure the safety and self-determination of domestic violence survivors in Washington, DC through emergency services, court advocacy and system reform. +1 (202) 879-0720

The William Kellibrew Foundation (WKF)The William Kellibrew Foundation is an advocate, bridge and community-driven partner dedicated to breaking the cycles of violence and poverty. The WKF harnesses and provides resources to both victims and similarly focused organizations through prevention, intervention, education, and outreach. By sharing the stories of survivors we give voice to victims, raise community awareness and empower people working to rebuild their lives, families, and communities.

The Women's CenterThe mission of The Women's Center is to improve significantly the psychological, career, financial and legal well being of women, men, couples and families, regardless of their ability to pay. Our clinical staff includes over 65 therapists and career counselors who provide more than 37,000 hours of counseling each year. For more than 38 years, we have grown along with the community we serve. +1 (202) 293-4580



Break the Cycle (For Teens): +1 (866) 331-9474 or text “loveis” to 22522

D.C. Survivors and Advocates for Empowerment (D.C. SAFE)Hotline: +1 866-962-5048

D.C. Victim Hotline (24 Hours): +1 (844) 443-5732

D.C. Victim Hotline 24 Hour Online Chat

House of Ruth: +1 (410) 889-7884 (DC or MD)

Montgomery County: Family Justice Center: +1 (240) 777-4000

Montgomery County 24-Hour Crisis Line for the Victim Assistance and Sexual Assault Program (VASAP): +1 (240) 777-4357

My Sister’s Place: +1 (202) 529-5991 (DC)

Network for Victim Recovery DC (NVRDC): +1 (202) 742-1727

24 Hour Virginia Family Violence and Sexual Assault Hotline: +1 (800) 838-8238


Legal Services: Protection Order, Custody, Divorce, U-Visa Application, and more

Ayuda: +1 (202) 387-4848; 6925 B Willow Street NW, Washington, DC 20012

DC Volunteer Lawyers Project (DCVLP): +1 (202) 885-5542, 5335 Wisconsin Avenue NW Suite 440, Washington D.C. 20015

Mil Mujeres: +1 (202) 808-3311; 2000 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 4100, Washington, DC 20009

Network for Victim Recovery DC (NVRDC): +1 (202) 742-1727, 6856 Eastern Avenue NW, Washington D.C. 20012

Prince George's County Community Legal Services: +1 (240) 391-6370; walk-ins 9 AM on Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 1401 University Blvd, MD 20783


Support Groups

For Victims:  La Clínica del Pueblo (DC/MD/VA): (202) 448-2851; 2831 15th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009

Family Place (DC/MD/VA): +1 (202) 265-0149; 3309 16th St NW, Washington DC 20010 

For Abusers: Family Crisis Center (Prince George's County): (301) 779-2100


Hospitals that conduct Forensic Medical Exams for victims of sexual assault and intimate partner violence


washington, d.c.

MedStar Washington Hospital Center Emergency Department, 110 Irving St NW, Washington, DC 20010

The DC Forensic Nurse Examiner (DCFNE) Program performs sexual assault exams for victims 13 years of age and older, they also offer Intimate Partner Violence exams for victims 12 years of age or older 24/7, 365 days a year. The DC forensic nurses provide compassionate and victim-centered medical forensic examination and documentation for survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence in the District of Columbia.

You have the right to a free, confidential exam and evidence collection, whether or not you report the incident to law enforcement or police. 

If coming by Metro to Washington Hospital Center, exit the Brookland/CUA stop on the RED line. Exit the station to the right and take the H2 (Van Ness) or H4 (Tenleytown) bus to MedStar Washington Hospital Center. Buses leave every 10 minutes.

Child and Adolescent Protection Center at Children’s National Medical Center, 111 Michigan Ave NW, Washington, DC 20010, +1 (202) 476-4100

The Freddie Mac Foundation Child and Adolescent Protection Center is the only medical center in the District of Columbia with a team of health professionals dedicated to victims of child abuse and their families, and one of the few hospitals in the country using a team approach to assessing and treating these victims.

The Center's team of medical professionals provides comprehensive examinations (conducted by pediatricians and nurses who specialize in forensic issues), treatment of sexually transmitted diseases or injuries, and trauma counseling for child victims of all forms of maltreatment (provided by psychologists and clinical social workers who specialize in childhood trauma and abuse). 

The Center's other services include:

  • Advocacy for victims and families

  • Psychological testing

  • Juvenile offender counseling services

  • Educational, psychological, developmental, and parent-child relationship assessments

  • Individual and family therapy for victimized children (age 4-22 years for non-offending mental health services)

  • Parenting education/therapy classes

  • Case management

  • Referral services for victims and their families

Mental health services are provided by clinical social workers and psychologists who are child victimization specialists. Our psychologist also can provide educational, psychological, developmental, psychosexual, and parent-child relationship assessments.

The Center staff also provides consultation to colleagues inside and outside the hospital. Medical services are available by appointment or on an emergency basis, and forensic medical examinations for recent sexual abuse/assault are available after normal business hours.

Transportation: Shuttles from Union Station, Brookland and Columbia Heights Metro Stations, and the H1, H2, H3, and H4 buses.



Prince George's Hospital Center, 3001 Hospital Drive Cheverly, MD 20785

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center at the University of Maryland Prince George’s Hospital Center offers crisis counseling, follow-up counseling, forensic exams for adults and children, victim advocacy, and community education. These services are provided free of charge to residents of Prince George’s county and people who were sexually assaulted in Prince George’s County.

The Sexual Assault Center Hotline: +1 (301) 618-3154

Emergency Room for Prince George’s Hospital Center: +1 (301) 618-2000

Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, 9901 Medical Center Drive, Rockville, MD 20850 (Montgomery County)

The Forensic Medical Unit at this hospital is the place where Montgomery County’s Victim Assistance and Sexual Assault Program (VASAP) provides sexual assault forensic exams and counseling. This is the only facility in Montgomery County, which has staff specially trained to conduct Sexual Assault Forensic Exams. It appears that these exams can be performed anonymously and free of charge for Montgomery County residents and people assaulted in Montgomery County.

24-Hour Crisis Line for the Victim Assistance and Sexual Assault Program (VASAP): +1 (240) 777-4357


Northern Virginia

Inova Fairfax Hospital, 3300 Gallows Road Falls Church, VA 22042 (Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church, Fairfax)

+1 (703) 776-6666 (option 3) during regular business hours, and after regular business hours call +1 (703) 776-4001 and ask to page the FACT nurse

The Forensic Assessment and Consultation Teams (FACT) has trained Forensic Nurse Examiners and two Forensic Physicians who provide services and exams for victims of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), child and adult victims of sexual assault, child and elder abuse as well as strangulation evaluation. They perform these exams 24/7, 365.

Inova Loudon Hospital (Leesburg): 224A Cornwall Street NW, Leesburg, VA 20176

The FACT Forensic Assessment and Consultation Teams (FACT) department at Inova’s Loudon Hospital, opened during May 2018, has trained Forensic Nurse Examiners who provide services and exams for victims of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), child and adult victims of sexual assault and children who are abused, 24/7, 365. It is located in downtown Leesburg in the same building as the Inova Emergency Room – Leesburg / Wheeler Family Emergency Department and the Loudoun Child Advocacy Center), the 1,500 square foot department offers a private entrance; waiting, consult and exam rooms; and a bathroom.

If you are unsure if you want to report, please call the 24 Hour Virginia Family Violence and Sexual Assault Hotline at +1 (800) 838-8238


Courthouse Intake Centers: Where Victims Can Apply for Protection Orders

Moultrie Courthouse, 500 Indiana Ave, NW, Room 4550; Washington D.C. (202) 879-0152

United Medical Center, 1328 Southern Ave SE, Room 311, Washington D.C. (202) 561-3000

Hyattsville District Court: 4990 Rhode Island Avenue, Hyattsville, MD 20781 (301) 298-4219

Upper Marlboro District Court: 14735 Main St, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 (301) 952-4303

Silver Spring District Court: 8552 Second Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910 (301) 563-8578



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SAFE DC: "A SAFE Client’s Guide to Civil Protection Orders in D.C."

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