Amanda Draper, is a bilingual (English & Spanish) native Washingtonian, who attended high school at The Field School, here in the District. Amanda became friends with Tanya Horwitz, her collaborator and partner in this project while in high school at Field. Following graduation from Field, Amanda went onto Rhodes College, a small liberal arts college, located in Memphis, TN, where she received her BA in Anthropology/Sociology with a minor in Spanish Language and Literature.

 While a student at Rhodes, Amanda discovered her passions for social and political activism, human rights work, research and advocacy. While completing ethnographic fieldwork at El Centro Cultural Latino de Memphis, The Latino Cultural Center of Memphis and working with Danza Azteca Quetzalcoatl de Memphis, an Aztec dance group in Memphis, Amanda began to discover her passion for telling other peoples' stories.

More recently, Amanda conducted human rights research in Spanish while living in Santiago, Chile and studying abroad at the Universidad de Chile and while doing research at Chile’s Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos. While working at Museo de la Memoria, Amanda completed ethnographic field work, dealing with how individuals doing human rights research and advocacy at the Museo de la Memoria see their role in the battles for Chile’s historic memory of its recent traumatic past.

During her senior year at Rhodes, Amanda became involved in campus activism dealing with racism and sexual violence in the Rhodes community. During the Spring 2016 semester at Rhodes, Amanda helped to establish Students Against Sexual Violence (SASV), a student coalition working to eliminate the institutional and structural roots of rape culture at Rhodes College. As a member of SASV, she helped organize and participated in anti-racist campus protests against sexual and racialized violence on campus. As a founding member of SASV, she had an instrumental role in drafting SASV's list of demands regarding what Rhodes needs to do to improve its response to sexual violence occurring on and off campus delivered to the Board of Trustees.

Amanda leads The Testimony Project, while managing The Testimony Project’s website, social media pages and community outreach in DC. Amanda is producing and directing our documentary "The Testimony Project" with Tanya. You can find her on Twitter at or an Instagram at



Tanya Horwitz, like Amanda, is a native Washingtonian and Field School graduate. Tanya just graduated from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT with a BA in psychology, which has fueled her interest in the psychological consequences of trauma, though her primary aim in this project is to give victims-survivors a platform for speaking freely to the community about rape and sexual abuse/assault and to raise awareness.

She moved to Chicago at the end of July to work in a research lab and hopes to expand the project outside of DC.

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